Broke into the top 100!

The book “Truly Obnoxious Blonde Jokes” actually made it into the top 100 paid sales on Amazon on April 19, all the way to 56! I can’t tell you how much that makes me happy. All the bruises from telling these jokes over the last 20+ years made it worth it! Rock on Blondes!


As we reach the end of the week, you find me sitting at Island Dogs enjoying a Mimosa with my breakfast. While at times loud, I met and enjoyed the company of a english couple from a cruise ship. Twenty questions later, the reason I took up writing at local places shows. Two new followers that were intrigued by a writer that lives here on a sailboat. Nope, no shameless pushing of novels, but genuinely interest in my writing and amazed at the stories that I tell.


Saturday found me stopping at Harpoon Harrys for breakfast while the gf ran a half marathon. A local eatery, early morning is quiet and you get the feel of the island.

Friday … Friday… Friday…

The funny part of the week down here as a person that writes a lot is that where most people look to Friday as the end of the week, I actually find it the start of a lot of what I enjoy. I bounced around town, wrote at no less than three places, and managed to get a lot accomplished.

If it’s Thursday, must be .

Thursday finds me starting out at my favorite Coffee shop, enjoying a Mocha Frap as I work on two seperate works. Both the plague book and “Fireman Down – Free Burning” , the sequel to the original book just released.